10 Easy Ways to Prepare For Summer ..

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10 Easy Ways to Prepare For Summer ..

With temperatures set to reach 30 degrees by next weekend, and the holiday season just around the corner, many of us are beginning to turn our thoughts to swimsuits and shorts, and lots of exposed flesh!

These thoughts alone are enough for many of us to start wishing we’d looked out the body brush and razor, swapped the junk foods for salads and the red wine for water, a lot sooner than 3 days before the sun is due to shine!

We’ve put together 10 very simple ways in which you can make a difference to your body both inside and out with very little change to your daily routine …

  1. Whilst brushing your teeth – Keeping heels down, toes forward and feet shoulder width apart, squat repeatedly for the two minutes it takes to clean your teeth. You should be feeling the burn by time you have finished!


  2. Waiting for the kettle to boil – Using the edge of the work surface, hands shoulder width apart, with your body at around a 45 degree angle, repeatedly perform worktop push ups. Keep your body in a straight line, don’t let your hips sag!
  3. Anytime throughout your day that you encounter stairs, do them at least twice, if you take them at a trot rather than the usual plod, doing them twice won’t take you any longer than usual! Great for lifting and firming bottoms!


  4. Every time you speak on the phone – Walk around, doesn’t matter if you just pace round and round your desk, or march on the spot if you are using a wired phone, just move, not only will you burn extra calories you’ll also be improving your circulation.
  5. Swap your Latte/Cappuccino for a fruit tea, or sparkling/still mineral water. Try to drink 6 – 8 glasses of water/herbal tea during the course of your day. This increased fluid intake will really help to make your skin glow!


  6. If possible try to get out for a brisk walk either before work, during your lunch break or after work. If you manage 10 minutes before, during, and at the end of your day, that extra 30 minutes of brisk activity a day will make quite a difference!
  7. Make healthier choices when it comes to meal times – Try to fill up on vegetables, reduce your sugar intake, cut out the unhealthy choices, cakes, crisps, biscuits etc.


  8. Whilst watching TV – Every time there is an ad break, get up and walk about, if you are not watching a commercial channel then aim to move for two minutes every half an hour. This doesn’t have to interrupt your viewing, you can still watch your programme just as easily on your feet as your behind!
  9. Take an extra few minutes in the bath or shower – Instead of just jumping in an out in two minutes flat, invest in a good body scrub and take the time to rub away all the dead, dull winter skin. Once out, moisturise, moisturise and moisturise some more, your skin will be glowing in no time!


  10. Get an early night – getting a good nights sleep plays a major part in how we feel during the day. If you’ve slept well you are more likely to wake in a better mood with more enthusiasm for the day ahead. If you’re feeling refreshed and energised you are more likely to make healthy choices and feel motivated towards increased activity levels.


These are just a few, very simple suggestions that anyone should be able to fit in to their day, however busy they are!  Just by adding an hour or so of brisk activity to your daily routine, and by concentrating on eating a healthier diet, you should see some degree of results even within a week or two.

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