A new spin on health & wellbeing ..

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A new spin on health and wellbeing events…

Love Smoothie Bike provides events a fun and innovative way to demonstrate healthy eating and exercise. Our custom-made stationary bikes convert your guests pedal power to high speed blending for healthy drinks! The bikes are specially geared to give high velocity blending to even the hardest frozen fruit, vegetables and ice. Ingredients can be blended easily into delicious smoothies.

The bikes are a fantastic tool for raising awareness around health and wellbeing among the less active as it is an easy to use, attractive and fun activity for any event. It subtly introduces exercise at a low entry level and gives a fantastic healthy reward at the end – your own pedal blended drink! Users start to associate exercise with fun which going forward they can implement into their everyday lives.

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Let’s get competitive…!

For those more competitive among us who want to step things up a notch we have developed an interactive arcade game that links wirelessly to the bikes. The aim of the game is to be the cyclist who can get closest to pedal blending the perfect drink. The game works by each user controlling a fun fruity character riding a unicycle on screen; they can choose their character at the beginning and enter their name into the game so it records the score. When the game starts they must guide their character along a course with hills in, when the course goes up they must pedal faster and when it goes down pedal slower, the closer they are to keeping their character on course over the 1 minute game, the higher their score at the end. All the while they are blending their drink as they go. At the end the score is revealed and they can relax and enjoy a healthy! You can play the game with 1 bike and users take turns, or you can have live head to head competitions with 2 bikes – challenge your friend, colleague or workout partner! All scores from the event are recorded on to a live leader board you can display at any time. It is a great opportunity to offer incentives and prizes for people who top the leader board and get some real engagement in your initiative or event.

Hire vs buy

Most of the people we work with hire our bikes and arcade as an activity for an event or initiative that is running for a set period of time. We work with many short events over part of a day and full 1 day events as well as longer initiatives running for a number of days or weeks. Our hire options are completely flexible and bikes can be hired for as long as a year! Another way to consider using the bike however is as a permanent installation which could be ideal in a health club with café for example, so the option to purchase one of our bikes is also available and for an extra fee you can have it branded to your exact specifications to make a real impact in your business.

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What else can we provide?

Everything else you need to make your event stand out – delicious healthy ingredients, delivery and collection to and from your door and fantastic staff to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day of your event.

Who we work with;

Health clubs, gyms, schools, cafes, companies, corporate events, charity events and community events, in fact anyone who is holding an event that wants to engage with their guests in a fresh and active way!

Where we work…we supply our activity right across mainland UK with standard pricing so if you’re in Scotland or Cornwall we can get to you with no extra mileage charge. We also work in Europe as well but this will incur extra delivery charges that depend on the exact location of the event please contact us for details.



‘Thank you for all your help, the event was a huge success and everything went really well with the bike. Everyone was very happy to have a go at smoothie making and had great fun doing it!’ Sight for Surrey (Charity Event)

Winter offer – 50% off hire in November and December 2015 – Please CLICK here for more details! 

For more information please use any or all of the contact details below,

Phone:  0203 375 6208


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