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Everything Active – Makes Finding Fitness Easy!

Everything-Active has been designed to help promote all things fitness, health and activity related. We provide you, the site visitor, with a free to use directory and fitness professionals and businesses, with a platform from which to showcase their products and services.

How we can help you as a Fitness Professional, Business or Service;

When I first qualified as a Personal Trainer one of the main challenges I faced was trying to grow my business.  I needed to reach potential new clients but spent all day every day training my existing clients.  I had no experience of how to build a website nor did I have the time to manage a site and make sure it was receiving the volumes of traffic I would need in order to grow my client base. Everything-Active can go a long way to alleviating this problem by providing the individual or business with an instant online presence with direct links back to your own websites and social media channels.

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What we can offer you a site visitor;

We understand fully the importance of making fitness and activity, in any shape or form, easily and readily accessible.  Finding the motivation in the first place can sometimes be a struggle so once the decision has been made to get out and get active we need the process to be as quick and easy as possible, before we change our mind!

Our directory makes finding an activity, business or service as easy as possible for you.  You can use our main search tool bar located on our home page, you can select a category from our category list on the right hand side of the page, or simply click a location on the map that appears at the top of the page when browsing via our ‘All Listings’ tab.  You can also find an event via our ‘Events Box’  or take a few minutes to browse our ‘News & Reviews Box’ both of which are located on our home page.

Maybe you are looking to book a fitness or activity based holiday, train as a fitness professional yourself, or to purchase some new fitness equipment, you will find all you need on our ‘Partners Page”

We can also offer you the chance to find your perfect job within the Sports, Fitness and Leisure Industry via our brand new jobs page, powered by Leisure Jobs.

It has to be a good thing that we are all beginning to understand the importance of looking after our health and Everything-Active aims to make this even easier for you, a piece of cake in fact, carrot of course!