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Are you suffering on a daily basis with a sore neck, aching shoulders or maybe have back pain? Do you have trouble sleeping that’s maybe caused by stress in your life? Is your skin appearing dry, scaly or are you noticing itchy patches that you just never used to have?

Then Rejuvenate Holistic Massage Therapy can help…
We specialise in professional mobile massage therapy, bringing you holistic massage in a healing and therapeutic way, in your home, office or event.
We’ve developed a handmade natural skincare range and use our body butters during massage while working out any tension to thoroughly moisturise and heal any dry skin conditions you may have leaving you relaxed and revived.

Why use massage therapy?
Massage is an Holistic therapy because it treats the whole person.
It is useful for treating stress and stress-related conditions because it relaxes the body reducing the effects of stress.
Stress is any factor that threatens our physical or mental well-being. When the body is stressed it must work harder than usual in order to remain balanced.
An holistic treatment such as massage can help induce deep relaxation, helping to remove pent up tension without damaging the body!
Massage stimulates the systems of the body. It encourages improved circulation, aids digestion, assists with waste removal, invigorates and relaxes muscles preventing spasm and stiffness, improves skin tone and moisture and promotes cell regeneration. Overall massage benefits the body both physiologically and psychologically.

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Charlene Godfrey
Rejuvenate Holistic Massage Therapy


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