Boot Camps – Are you getting what you paid for?

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Stratford 18 June 2014

What are boot camps?

There are many groups calling themselves ‘boot camps’ and finding a genuine one is not always easy. So here are some tips on making sure you are getting what you are paying for.

First, a genuine boot camp will be run by instructors trained in the military. Boot camps are the middle ground between military and civilian fitness. If your instructor has no military training, you are over paying for a circuit class. Boot camp is a military environment where people have been trained to reach the fitness levels both mentally and physically required to serve in their respective forces. This cannot be replicated without having experience in this environment. So always check the backgrounds of the instructors before parting with your hard earned cash.

A boot camp will give you an intense workout which will use all energy systems in the body. You will undertake similar exercises to that of what the instructor has experienced in their military career. This is the best type of training to create the “complete athlete” and not only burn fat but reach serious fitness levels. There is a massive social and team work aspect that is similar to that of the military. Most of all, it should be fun and rewarding.

You can expect to undertake various types of CV work, body weight exercises as well as work with power bags, tyres, medicine balls, ropes and weights. It will always be outdoors! An experienced instructor will incorporate all the exercises and equipment to create an imaginative workout that is different each session and ensure that all muscle groups and energy systems are worked throughout the week.

You do not need to be fit to start! Everyone has to start somewhere and you will quickly see an improvement in your overall fitness levels. It does not matter what your size or ability is; a good instructor will be able to tailor the exercises to suit the abilities of every individual there. All you need is a willingness to work hard and to work as part of a team. A good sense of humour also helps!

A common question is whether you will be shouted at. The answer is no, boot camp is not Bad Lads Army! If an instructor has to shout they have not acquired the right amount of respect and engagement from their clients.

Finally, some boot camps focus on weight loss and offer programmes that combine calorie controlled dieting with an exercise programme. Others focus on fitness and long term healthy eating. Make sure you do your research and choose a boot camp that fits with your goals. If you are not sure, make sure you ask. For a lot of people boot camps can seem daunting. The instructors understand that and should have no problems being questioned about what they can offer you. If they are evasive, stay away!

At Xtreme Boot Camps we focus on fitness and long term health. We do not believe in strict diets and will teach you how to eat the right foods to fuel your body based on the activities you do. We run training sessions throughout the Midlands as well as week long residential boot camps. Yes, we are all military trained and qualified personal trainers!

James Evans

James Evans
Xtreme Boot Camps


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