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Focus Fitness UK (FFUK) are leading educators in the health and fitness industry of REPs approved Level 3 Fitness and Personal Training Diplomas offering Government funding for those aged 24+ as well as personal loans for 18+.  They are owned by Gavin Heeroo (ex Crystal Palace player) and Dougie Freedman (Nottingham Forest Manager).

The FFUK slogan ‘Your Future, Our Passion’ precisely depicts what the company stands for.  They help individuals from all walks of life including those who are from less fortunate backgrounds and situations in their lives who are passionate about health and fitness, into a career not only to create a fresh start for themselves but to help thousands of individuals lead healthier lives.

The company began in 2012 and to date has educated hundreds of individuals to become leading health professionals.  This has been possible due to their highly trained, expert tutors who mentor the students into a successful career path, supporting them before, during and after their course.

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Ex and current sport stars including boxer Mark Prince, former professional footballer and current professional boxer Leon Mckenzie, footballer Rachel Yankey, former professional footballer Byron Bubb and many more chose to train with Focus Fitness UK.  Whether it was alongside or after their sporting careers because of the foundations of the company, as athletes they could relate to and be given the best advice and guidance.

Mark Prince said, “My 7 week Personal Training course level 2-3 was an awesome experience!  Very challenging but having a great tutor, support & teacher in Simon made the process easier.  The subjects learnt during the course are also beneficial to everyday life because we all have goals we want to achieve and transferring the skills learnt as a PT can improve your productivity as an individual in other areas of your life.  I would recommend this credible course to all those who are interested in fitness and a career in fitness. I feel very proud to be a fully qualified PT.  Focus Fitness have done a great job in making this opportunity available to so many people who want to be fully qualified PT’s but cannot afford to pay for the course”.

There are many barriers when moving into a new career which can make it difficult and sometimes impossible.  FFUK try to break down as many barriers as possible by offering funding for the courses in the form of government loans and personal funding (as mentioned above), part time and full time course options, NUS cards and guaranteed interviews with some of the UKs leading gym chains and sports clubs.

For more information about the Focus Fitness UK Level 3 Fitness and Personal Training Diploma and other available courses, please visit the website or give us a call, details below,

Telephone: 0208 920 2114


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