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A lot of people have already experienced how difficult it can be to get a new business off the ground, especially when launching into an already crowded market such as the health & Fitness industry.  It can be off putting when everywhere you look it appears that anyone and everyone is an expert on how and why we can improve our health, better our nutrition and increase our fitness levels.

Making sure you have a product or service your potential customers are prepared to invest in, is obviously key, making sure you have a positive online presence, is also a major factor and requires careful consideration.

This is where Everything-Active can help get you started, providing you with an instant, affordable, online presence.

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Social media is of course a great way of getting your business into the public domain, but it does have its limitations, post length, and the content allowed, can on some platforms, be restricting.

Affordability is another key consideration when using social media to promote your business.  Investing in target market advertising and promoted posts for example, can soon add up, so careful analyses of the results you are getting is important when determining whether or not you are spending wisely.

An EA membership provides you with an infinite webpage with no limitations on how much content you can post, you are also free to upload videos and photographs to help ssowcase your products and services. 

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Analyses of your target demographic is also a key consideration – are you using the correct mediums to reach the demographic most likely to want what your business has to offer?  Making sure you are advertising and promoting your products and services in places that regularly attract your target audience will certainly increase the chances of your money being well spent.

EA actively encourages you to add links from your member page back to your own website and social media channels.  This means that your business can benefit from the industry interested traffic generated by EA directing it straight to your own front door.

If your business does have its own website then it is so important to keep the content it displays fresh and up to date. There is nothing that puts a potential customer off faster than landing on a site displaying offers long since expired or tweets, blogs and posts last up dated six months previously.  If you are using a web designer, constant updates to the content can prove costly, so ensuring you have control over the basic content on your site is certainly a very good idea.

Your private member page with EA is fully customisable and can be updated or edited 24 hours a day 7 days a week at no cost at all.  This makes keeping information on your latest products and services up to date, is as simple and painless as can be.

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Another great way of giving your new business the edge is by adding value to what you are offering, this can play a large part in how quickly you can begin to attract customers, and potentially win business from your competitors.
Analyse competitor activity and carry out market research to find out exactly what your customers want, and how your product or service can best meet, and hopefully exceed, those requirements.
Look at how you can add value to what you are offering, if it is a product you may want to use the ‘buy one get one free’ type of incentives, if you are selling a service, Personal Training sessions for example, you may opt for something like ‘Purchase 12 sessions get session 13 & 14 free’ or, ‘Introduce a friend and earn yourself a free PT session.  You may also choose to run competitions or work with other businesses that can offer your customers great deals and discounts by association.  All the methods mentioned above will help you add value to the product or service you are offering.

EA can offer its members a growing list of member benefits including discounts on:

Fitness Equipment
Sports Watches and Heart Rate Monitors
REPS accredited courses
Custom printing on sports wear and uniforms
Shadow-Boxing instructors courses

All the above are being offered by companies taking part in our Member Benefit Scheme:

Personalised Sports PHYSICAL LOGO  imageimage001

As part of our launch would like to offer any business, service or professional joining us as a full member between now and May 24th, a voucher to receive 25% off your joining fee – this means a years membership will cost you just £27.37!!

Please enter LC25 into the voucher code box on our payment page to receive your 25% discount.  

  Click here to join us now

We look forward to welcoming you to the site and helping you promote and grow your business.


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