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Fitnessentials – Putting the Personal back into Personal Training

These days there are so many options out there for people looking for personal trainers that it can be hard to know which one to go for.  Carolyn Fisher, Owner of Fitnessentials explains how her time in the fitness industry, as both a trainer and a gym manager, led her to spot an opportunity for a quality personal training product.  She explains what you should be looking for in a personal trainer in order to stay safe and happy and still get the results that you want.

“Fitnessentials was born out of a love of both people and fitness”, Carolyn says. “Having spent a number of years working in the fitness industry, both as a personal trainer and fitness manager, I started to realise that people were no longer being viewed as individuals with individual training requirements, rather, they were being viewed as just another number, how much money is their membership making the company, how many members can we cram into a class etc.  I felt that the industry was moving away from it’s founding principles of improving people’s health, fitness and wellbeing towards something that no self respecting fitness professional wants to focus on – targets”.

“Fitnessentials moves away from that and places the emphasis back onto the individual, it puts the personal back into personal training.  I wanted to set up a company that delivers a service above and beyond that which is expected in the fitness industry.”

So having seen the good, the bad and the ugly throughout the industry, are there any tips that Carolyn can give us on what to look for in a good personal trainer?

“Firstly, make sure that your personal trainer has industry experience – some personal trainers can qualify in as little as six weeks. Make sure that your personal trainer is registered with the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) as this means that they meet certain quality criteria, they should be able to show you their membership card.  They should also have adequate public liability insurance and I’d also be looking for them to have a first aid qualification and carry a first aid kit.  They should meet with you to discuss your goals, current health and exercise history before starting any training and should go through a number of forms with you.  Not just a contract, but also a medical/ lifestyle form and an informed consent form – this shows that they are taking their business and more importantly, your health seriously.”

Is there anything that we should be wary of when looking for a personal trainer?
“Yes”, says Carolyn. “Anyone who only takes cash payments, as this could mean their business may not be registered and insured correctly.  If your Personal Trainer offers to write you a nutrition plan, ask to see a copy of their qualifications beforehand – many personal trainers will write nutrition plans without being qualified and therefore, are not insured to do so.”.

What about one last tip?
“Go for a personal trainer with passion, enthusiasm and personality that you think you will get on with”, says Carolyn. “There will be days when you really do not feel like working out, but having someone waiting for you that you don’t want to let down will help!”.

Fitnessentials is now taking bookings for consultations. To find out more or to make a booking, visit us at or via the contact details below:


Carolyn Fisher – Owner
M: 07725 754 221


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