Make Your Exercise Sessions Really Count ..

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Make Your Exercise Sessions Really Count ..

How many of us go for a walk, a run, a bike ride at least once a week? Many of us actually do these types of activities three, four, or even five times a week benefitting our health greatly, but have you thought about how that training session could actually benefit others too.

Most of us lead busy lives, juggling work commitments with our family life, our social life with gym time, so having managed to squeeze in an exercise session wouldn’t it be great if we could make it benefit not only our health but others health too.

It’s great we are beginning to embrace active, healthy lifestyles, benefiting us now and in the future, helping us stay mobile and independent well into our old age. Exercising regularly to maintain a healthy weight and eating a healthy diet are two things we can do to help protect ourselves, body and mind, from premature ageing, poor health and disease.

If you regularly take a training walk, run, cycle on either a Saturday or Sunday then why not find a local 5 or 10k to sign up to. It only takes a moment to find a local event, you are going to be doing the exercise anyway, check out where you will find lots of useful links to help you find an event in your area.

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Don’t let the thought of having to raise lots of sponsorship money put you off, you don’t have to do this, unless of course you want to, your entry fee will be your contribution along with the awareness you will create by discussing the day with your family and friends.

These charities need as much help and support as we can give, enabling them to continue their research into curing, preventing and managing these life changing diseases, disorders, and conditions. It’s pretty safe to say, that each and everyone of us will be affected in some way or other, at some stage throughout our lives. Whether it be you, a family member, or a friend, we will all, one day, thank goodness there are people willing to make that extra effort.

We have included a few links below to some major charity events so how about you strike while the iron’s hot and sign up right now!

If you have an event you would like to tell us about so we can help you spread the word, then please get in touch via the comments box or, contact us directly, details are below:

Tel: 07903 008393  –  0207 294 7684


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