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Member and Client Induction Made Easy – Yo Flow Mobile Web App for Gyms and Personal Trainers.


What is Yo Flow
Yo Flow is a tablet optimised mobile web app for gyms and personal trainers. It helps with inductions for new members and with free consultations for prospective customers.
Using Yo Flow ensures consistency from all staff members. The induction data is always available to refer to. Impress potential new members with professional consultations.

How it started
It all started with a real problem. A gym was expanding and taking on new staff. They found it was hard to keep all the inductions to the same high standards as before. Consultations were done on paper and sometimes key sections were not performed. I was told the following story. (Names have been changed to protect the guilty).

A Short Story
Stephen works as a personal trainer in a gym. He’s good at what he does. Yet he’s pretty disorganised and often misplaces things or forgets about stuff.

Four weeks ago Stephen inducted Jane into the gym. He wrote down all her details on a sheet of paper and filed it, somewhere. Jane has been working hard in the gym for a month and is having a follow-up assessment. She wants to know if she’s improved her fitness and lost weight. Stephen can’t find the paperwork and he has too many clients to remember her details.

Stephen tells Jane that of course she has improved! But when asked, he doesn’t know by how much. Jane says that’s fine, but she feels this is unprofessional. Although she doesn’t say this to him. She just thinks twice about renewing her gym membership.

Stephen is super embarrassed about the incident and vows never to let it happen again! He signs up for Yo Flow so he can conduct inductions on his tablet. His clients think this is professional and are impressed at how modern the gym is. All the trainers’ inductions are now consistent. They never forget to perform a test or record a measurement again. And best of all, every induction is backed up in the cloud so Stephen never loses one (and never loses face) again!

How it works
Yo Flow guides the user through an 8 step induction workflow covering:

1.  Basic detail of the client and assigned coach
2.  Medical history, injuries and lifestyle
3.  A postural assessment of most joints
4.  Goal setting from a list of common goals
5.  Mobility restriction tests
6.  Range of movement tests
7.  Basic and muscle measurements
8.  Action required from a doctor
The information can be retrieved later.

Separate accounts can be set up for each coach and trainer. Access can easily be revoked by an administrator if a staff member leaves.

Yo Flow screenshots
image2 image3
image4 image5

We really hope you have enjoyed reading about what we do, if you have any questions or would like to know more, please contact us directly, details are below:



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