Personal Trainer vs Gym?

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Should I choose a Personal Trainer or the Gym?  This is a regularly asked question for which there is actually no right or wrong answer.  It all depends on so many outside factors; where you live, what you want to achieve, affordability, transport, time available, to name but a few.

There are pros and cons to using both Personal Trainers and Gyms.
Firstly, decide why you want to start exercising;

  1. To improve general fitness, health and wellbeing
  2. To loose weight
  3. To meet new people
  4. To tone, define, shape or build your body
  5. To aid recovery after an injury

Next, decide what your options actually are:

  1. Train by yourself at home
  2. Buy yourself the latest exercise DVD and bounce around your front room
  3. Join an activity class/group
  4. Hire a Personal Trainer
  5. Join a Gym – Health Club

Once you have the answers to the above questions you should be well on your way to making the right choice best suited to you and your needs. We have listed a few considerations when choosing either a Personal Trainer or a Gym/Health Club below.

Reasons to choose a Personal Trainer:

They will come to you – You save on the time and cost of travel
Motivation – If you lack motivation and staying paying power then a PT will help you stick at it
Privacy – You can train in the privacy of your own home
Wide range of expert knowledge – Most PT’s are qualified to advise on nutrition, lifestyle and massage
Results driven – Every session worked out personally for you based on your results so far, geared towards achieving your end goal
Flexibility – Train at a time to suit you without fear of queuing for the equipment

Reasons to choose a Gym or Health Club:

Sociable – Great place to meet likeminded people
Facilities – Most Gyms/Clubs have a wide array of facilities to choose from as well as the gym, swimming pool, badminton/tennis/squash courts.
Group exercise sessions – Huge choice available in most gyms and clubs
Affordability – Pay as you go gyms readily available now

As we said there is really no right or wrong answer to this question it is all down to what best suits you and your lifestyle. However, there are certainly factors that would maybe influence your decision more than the others, such as cost. Nobody likes the thought of paying out a monthly fee to a gym or health club if you know you are not going to bother going on a regular basis. So although on the face of it, the gym appears to be the more affordable option, the Personal Trainer may actually prove to be better value for money. That said, once you have achieved your goals with the Personal Trainer and you part company, not only do you lose a great source of motivation but also the equipment that went with it!

Whether you decide on a Personal Trainer or your local Gym or Health Club you can use to find it!

If you are a Personal Trainer or a Gym owner we would love to hear your views, feel free to add to this article via the comments box below.


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