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So why should you be concerned with incentives and rewards?  Well in a word “retention” here’s another word “engagement” and one more “loyalty”!

You want your business to thrive but you are operating in an increasingly crowded market.  Like Hairdressers before, (there are more qualified hairdressers in the UK than there are heads to cut) actually I made that bit up, but the UK does not need any new hair dressers and it appears will soon have an overabundance of Fit Pros too.  In fact there is approx. 50% more Fit Pros working in the UK today than there was 5 years ago and with more qualifying each year this market is only going to get more and more competitive.

To compound matters, as the number of Fit Pros increases, the pool of potential clientele has stalled at 15% of the population, and that doesn’t look like improving any day soon.  So how do you stand out from the rest?  What makes you the preferred option over others in your catchment area?

Obviously your professionalism, the ease of booking a session, your word of mouth recommendations and a positive customer experience are all essential to the success of your business however, there are other factors that you should consider before embarking on a career as a Fit Pro.

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How do I retain my clientele, how do I make sure that they return to me again and again?  This is where Active Points can help you to get ahead of the pack and ensure that you do not become one the 50% of Fitness Professionals who give up after 5 years.  By the way, imagine how many Fit Pros there would be if that 50% stayed in the industry!

At Active Points we pride ourselves on being the UKs Fitness Industry’s number one incentive & Rewards programme.  Established in 2010 and operated by Active Rewards, we deliver powerful incentive & rewards solutions for Fitness professionals.  We are integrated with most Activity Trackers and APPs and our innovative point’s management system does all the heavy lifting for you (no pun intended) leaving you to concentrate on your clientele.  Our customer journey combines incentives and rewards with regular customer engagement activity such as electronic communications, print media and promotions that aid retention and help build customer loyalty.

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There are over 500 major retailers on our rewards platform and many niche health & fitness companies as well, all offering huge savings and cash rewards to your clientele.  Every target is incentivised, every goal achieved is rewarded with real tangible rewards and all for the price of a haircut!

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