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A little about us:

Fitcredibles aims to become the leading fitness provider in the world, but before we can do that we must start off with our home city of London.

By providing bespoke sessions, boot-camps and nutritional advice, Fitcredibles tailors a unique blend of industry experience and scientific research to provide top of the range services.

Fitcredibles is well aware of the technological integration of social media within the sporting industry, that’s why we are on the front line and present within all major platforms including; soundcloud, twitter, integral and Facebook, so that
as we update you keep up-to-date.


Providing motivational playlists, digestible nutritional information and the latest fitness trends. Fitcredibles is a concept conceived in 2015 by two university friends with
a love for fitness, with the vision of changing the industry.

As sports and exercise science students with over 10 years’ experience in the world of fitness, from professional sporting to industry standard qualifications. Fitcredibles is here to revolutionise. Not here today, gone tomorrow, but training now and ready for tomorrow.

Please contact directly for more information on our services:


Telephone: 07533 603 504


  • Hackney Borough, London, UK
  • 07533 603 504
  • Friendliness of staff
  • Knowledge of service/product offered
  • Level of help/support/motivation provided
  • Value for money
  • Would you recommend to a friend


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