James Crew Fitness

James Crew Fitness

James is a highly qualified Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach with nearly a decade of experience managing some of London’s most exclusive gyms, training celebrities, athletes, CEO’s and also facilitating the educational development of 100’s of PT’s across the UK.

He is a movement & performance specialist, functional training expert and also a course director with industry leading training provider Faster Global. His approach to goal attainment is revolutionary in today’s industry, and this holistic approach circulates around a fusion of efficient training, ‘no nonsense’ nutrition, a positive mindset and the belief in the journey to succeed – those who do not share this belief need not apply! Oh, and he is also a keen Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu enthusiast in his spare time, so any lack of commitment is at your own risk!

James’s clients come from all over Central & West London to work with him, and experience his unique training systems, which range from ‘Superhero in a suit’ to ‘Divine Derrière & Luxurious Legs’ to ‘Primal Instincts’.

With James Crew Fitness, you can expect unrivalled levels of service in health, fitness and overall wellbeing!


Ever noticed that guy in the office that just walks differently to you, and wears that Armani suit just that little bit better?

Well, it’s probably because you haven’t unleashed your inner Superhero, or your outer alpha yet! Don’t worry though, that is what James Crew Fitness is here to do……..

Through our expertly designed training system, we provide logical, tangible, tested practice on how to ensure you go from being that inefficient frame weighed down by pain, aches and lethargy, to a well-oiled, efficient machine who is able to take on any physical task, and achieve any fitness goal with serious conviction…….all whilst looking like a true ‘Superhero in a Suit!’


Ladies…….not only will JCF get you in the shape of your life, using the latest methodology around how you ‘TRULY TARGET’ those key areas of the female frame that are SO popular today, but we will ensure that you become one strong-minded, powerful and confident athlete in the process!

It’s tough and it’s taxing, you’ll be out of your comfort zone, but then again……..nobody ever did anything magical in their comfort zone!


Hate training alone? Like competing? Motivated by others around you?

If anything of these sound familiar to you, then ‘Primal Instincts’ Group Training at JCF is the way to go! Don’t think that this is your average group workout though, as you are about to experience first hand what it feels like to get back to primal movement and raw athleticism!

We cater for small groups of 3-5 at our Richmond studio, but can build large group classes if you are willing to brave the outdoor concept, or have access to maybe a work / social facility that can hold large numbers.

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  • 406 Richmond Road, Twickenham, London TW1 2EB
  • 07792 053030

Opening hours

  • Monday:
    06.00 - 20.30
  • Tuesday:
    06.00 - 18.30
  • Wednesday:
    06.00 - 20.30
  • Thurstday:
    06.00 - 18.00
  • Friday:
    06.00 - 19.00
  • Saturday:
    08.00 - 14.00
  • Sunday:
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Emma 2015-09-08 13:08:59

Can\'t recommend this pt highly enough....3 movement sessions so far and the benefits have been immense. Excellent and very motivational trainer



  • Emma
    September 8, 2015 at 2:21 pm

    ‘This guy is hands down the best trainer / coach you will find! His level of knowledge about the way we should train our bodies is like nothing I have ever come across and his holistic approach to wellbeing has totally revolutionised the way I view my lifestyle!

    Thank you James for being an inspirational support system on my fitness journey.’

    • September 8, 2015 at 2:45 pm

      Pleasure Emma, and it’s your commitment as a client that has made this journey possible! Exceptional work ethic, and so brave to pursue your fitness journey!

      #thejcfmovement salutes you!

  • Loren
    September 9, 2015 at 9:47 am

    Can’t recommend this trainer enough!
    I have tried a few trainers over the years but none have them seemed to tailor my training specifically for me, the training was very generic. However James has helped me reach my specific targeted goals.

    I have never been a runner and Jame devised me a programme and trained me in order to fulfill one of the things on my bucket list – completing a half marathon! I can honestly say I would have not achieved this without the James, not only physically but the mental aspect to training as well.

    Now I have moved onto my next goal of having the ‘JLO’ figure in preparation for my wedding next year and I know James will get me in the best shape of my life.

    Can not rate him highly enough!

  • September 9, 2015 at 10:31 am

    Thanks for the lovely comments Loren, on to the next phase now and that JLo body for your wedding – which will be an amazing event I’m sure!

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