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Skiptrix® is the only Jump Rope Workout structured for Group Exercise in the UK which is now fully endorsed by Skills Active allowing level 2 fitness instructors and above to benefit from 16 CPD points.

This course looks like it will be an excellent inclusion to the qualifications framework and provides instructors with added skills which could help their CPD and personal development. Due to the amount of blended learning that is offered to candidates this course deserves the full amount of CPD points available.”
Evaluator – Skills Active

How it started

The Founders of Skiptrix® started off by appreciating basic jump rope for its benefits as a cardiovascular conditioning exercise. Incorporating it more and more into their Martial Arts classes during the warm up, it was noticed that the clubs fitness levels were soaring and everyone was enjoying the use of the jump rope; even though they were not sure what else to do with it other than plain jumping! They then began learning different jump rope skills and creating some tricks of their own (the whip marks were evident during these early days!) and the Skiptrix® idea was born.

What is Skiptrix®?

Skiptrix® is an innovative, exciting and yet simple way for everyone in the community, regardless of age, gender or physical ability, to be able to exercise in a fun, safe and structured way. Skiptrix® has a number of programmes involving jump rope (or skipping) skills combined with aerobic routines, to facilitate a recovery period, and lots of fun games and teaching resources.
Skiptrix® mixes aerobics with jump rope to create the only class of its type in the UK.

Endorsed by Skills Active, the Skiptrix® Instructor Training Course teaches instructors how to lead 3 different Skiptrix® classes to appeal to a wider audience which also enables the Instructors to schedule more classes leading to increased earning potential.  The three classes are – Skiptrix® Aeropics, Skiptrix® Skills Workshop and Skiptrix® Circuit.

Skiptrix® has an established Master Trainer Network across the UK for people to train as Instructors to deliver classes and sessions. These are some of the reactions from current Skiptrix® Instructors:

Absolutely buzzing after Skiptrix Class today! Great to see such amazing progress even after a few weeks! Such an addictive class and participants love it because they are constantly improving as well as getting an amazing workout. Instructors, this class is so much fun to teach – the music is great and all you need are the ropes!”
Kim – Skiptrix® Instructor 

Awesome lesson tonight, love how quick they’re picking Skiptrix® up, lovely to see new faces and if you know anyone who wants to teach there is demand for this type of training – week two and already one class is fully booked and people asking for more days
Dani – Skiptrix® Instructor (Huntingdon)

Keep the classes fresh and exciting


Once certified, included in the licence fee of only £20 per month, all Instructors have unlimited access to the Skiptrix® Online Academy where you can download regular new music mixes, a new jump rope skill every month, new regular workout updates, artwork and marketing materials and much more. We also provide you with a further 3 levels of the Skiptrix® Programmes as home study components over the next 12 months without having to travel or pay further training costs. We also have a dedicated Facebook Group specifically for Instructors and Master Trainers to engage with each other and swap ideas.


As expected from any structured fitness programme, health benefits include burning calories, increasing muscle tone and flexibility, as well as improving cardiovascular fitness; but Skiptrix® hosts a plethora of extra health and wellness benefits including: it burns fat fast helping people achieve their weight loss goals; it increases bone density helping to reduce the risk of osteoporosis in later life; it increases motor fitness leading to improved concentration and co-ordination; it’s fun! It takes people back to their childhood days making them feel youthful and carefree and it’s totally portable and inexpensive.

Who is Skiptrix® aimed at?

Due to the vast array of levels and skills within all the programmes, there is something suitable for everyone, from the very unfit or the overweight to young children; both boys and girls, men and women, indoor or outdoor delivery; Skiptrix® even provides for the competitive athlete in serious training – improving cardiovascular fitness to an elite level using the unique FARR training system.

Skiptrix® currently has 37 levels; with each level consisting of numerous varied skills to master; all skills and levels have been designed to improve not only physical fitness levels but motor fitness too. Increasing motor fitness leads to a plethora of benefits such as enhanced concentration, better reaction time, improved balance and hand eye co-ordination skills; children thereby focus better and hence learn academic subjects better.

As well as our classes for adults, we have a programme dedicated to children of Key Stage 1 & 2 age, as well as one specifically for teenagers. The ‘Skiptrix® Kidz’ classes combine elements of fun and games into the sessions with a creative bunch of characters to motivate the children along the way. All children receive certificates which, along with the games, have been cleverly designed around promoting a healthy lifestyle. We also have a programme designed especially for teenagers with more age appropriate games and skill learning sessions.

What is the FARR Training System?


The FARR training system (Fatigue And Respiratory Recovery) was created during development of the Skiptrix® programmes and was discovered to be of huge benefit for both recreational and competitive training methods. This system allows both athletes and sports enthusiasts to decrease training time and yet achieve improved results. FARR decreases levels of fatigue leading to enhanced performance and facilitates respiratory recovery in the shortest possible time leading to increases in cardiovascular fitness levels at a remarkable rate.
When put to the test by one of the UK’s top Ultra runners, Mark Bissell, he found that his Marathon PB was improved significantly after three months Skiptrix® training.

Training Course and Cost to become a certified Skiptrix® Instructor

Current price £247 includes: Full 8 hour face to face training course with one of our Master Trainers; Skiptrix® World Championship Freestyle Jump Rope; Further 3 levels of Skiptrix® Programme for home learning; New monthly skills to learn to keep the classes fresh and exciting; 12 month unlimited email and phone support; dedicated Instructor forum and lots more…

Early Bird offers and FREE equipment offers are available when booking courses, contact us for more details.

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