A new spin on health & wellbeing ..

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A new spin on health and wellbeing events… Love Smoothie Bike provides events a fun and innovative way to demonstrate healthy eating and exercise. Our custom-made stationary bikes convert your guests pedal power to high speed blending for healthy drinks! The bikes are specially geared to give high velocity blending to even the hardest frozen […]

Would You Like To Rapidly Transform Your Body ..

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My name is Paul Wadsworth and I am a body transformation expert from the UK.  I have recently relocated to Vancouver Canada so now run online courses for UK clients as well as  local body transformations for clients here in Canada. I am currently looking for .. 5 X people who are ready for a […]

Are You Ready to Join the Baking Revolution?

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Are you ready to join the baking revolution?   Then give Claudia’s Kitchen a try! Claudia’s Kitchen concept is simple: eat cake without putting on weight!  Is that even possible? It is now! Having a huge sweet tooth didn’t sit well with her passion for fitness and healthy food, Claudia decided to create a cake […]